Spring ANTIQUE Fair celebrates a significant jubilee

Spring ANTIQUE Fair celebrates a significant jubilee

The approaching ANTIQUE Fair celebrates a significant 50th jubilee and will be held again in the historic premises of the New Town Hall on Charles Square, Prague 2, from 18th to 21st April 2024. The most important exhibition of the domestic antiques market has been held regularly since 1998, for more than a quarter of a century, and is very popular with experts and collectors as well as the general public. The organizing Antique Dealers Association chose a relevant main theme: Hidden value of antiques: SUSTAINABILITY, not only to bring another important dimension of antiques to light, but also to refer to the permanence and meaningfulness of the fair itself. The upcoming ANTIQUE Fair will be in a festive spirit and will celebrate its important jubilee with a rich accompanying program.

„The fairs have been organized by the Antique Dealers Association since 1992 in cooperation with a specialist company, and we fondly remember the first Antique Fairs in the Palace U Hybernu, in the Municipal House and in the Riding Hall of the Prague Castle. We wanted to organize a meeting of qualified antique dealers with a show of the best antiques inspired by established foreign fairs. A few years later, we decided that if we want to keep the fairs going for another decade, we have to start organizing them ourselves. We were primarily concerned with the sustainability of the level, prices and interest of the audience, which is why in July 1998 the 1st ANTIQUE Fair organized by AS took place in the Museum of Applied Arts. Since then, we have held fairs twice a year, we went through the Mánes Exhibition Hall and in the end we chose the historic premises of the New Town Hall, where we have been for many years, and where we will also celebrate our incredible jubilee, the fiftieth,“ recalls the president of AS, Ing. Jan Neumann.

The Antique Dealers Association, which has been focused not only on the cultivation of the antiques trade and experts in practice, but also on spreading the deeper meaning of the entire field, has the best opportunity to present these thoughts during the traditional ANTIQUE Fair. Visitors can also look forward to interesting lectures and accompanying events.

„Many people realize that there is an aesthetic layer hidden in antiques, and that they are suitable for investment. The earlier way of life had its advantages, more use was made of inherited things and less of buying new things. In the difficult times of wars and currency reforms, jewelry, coins, paintings, or rare porcelain and glass also served as a transfer of funds to new times. Currently, a new topic has arisen, the topic of environmental sustainability of our planet, with which antiques are in complete harmony. We can combine things made in the past with contemporary interiors and limit the consumption of new things whose production burdens the Earth. In addition, they are ecological, made of natural materials without glues and other chemicals, so they are also gentle on human health. These are furniture, textiles, porcelain services or glass sets, decorative items, even jewelry. What’s more sustainable than antiques? ” asks AS vice-president Ing. Simona Šustková.

Recently, it is possible to observe that the interest in antiques is increasing, not only for their investment or aesthetic potential, but for the very interest of surrounding oneself with things with a story. Visitors of the ANTIQUE Fair will have a unique opportunity to evaluate the trends of the current market, possibly add new pieces to their collections, make appropriate investments, or refine their interiors. The Antique Dealers Association will also traditionally offer consulting services, where interested parties will be able to come for free expert assessment and price estimate.

Upcoming Antique Fair Dates

50th Antique Fair – Spring 2024

Date: 18-21 April 2024

51st Antique Fair – Autumn 2024

Date: 21-24 November 2024

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