Autumn ANTIQUE Fair Shows off The Family Silver

Autumn ANTIQUE Fair Shows off The Family Silver

The 49th ANTIQUE Fair will be held again in the historic premises of the New Town Hall on Charles Square, Prague 1, from 23rd to 26th November 2023. This year, as a tribute to longstanding traditions, experts and dealers from the organizing Czech Antique Dealers Association have chosen the poetic theme of FAMILY SILVER. This will introduce visitors to ancestral treasures that are passed down from generation to generation and thus live their own peculiar, often very engaging lives. The visitors will be able to admire, for example, the beauty of Decorative Applied Arts in interior table settings.


The newly established cooperation between the Antique Dealers Association and the current Association of Visual Artists Manes, will present works of its members at the premises of the New Town Hall. Thanks to the new partnership, visitors of the Antique Fair will see a collection of works worthy of the label „National Silver“.


Art lovers will surely also be interested in the selection of accompanying lectures, which, among other things, will offer an excursion into the activities of the Association Manes from its foundation to the present day, and will undoubtedly recall great artists such as Čapek, Filla, Gočár, Kotěra, Kupka, Lada, Švabinský, Toyen and Zrzavý.


The Antique Fair will introduce a fine selection of the best and the most renowned antique dealers from the Czech Republic. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to evaluate the trends of the current market, possibly add new pieces to their collections, make appropriate investments, or refine their interiors. Where else could you buy a piece of family silver? The Antique Dealers Association will also traditionally offer consulting services, where interested parties will be able to come for free expert assessment and price estimate.


Upcoming Antique Fair Dates

49th Antique Fair – Autumn 2023

Date: 23–26 November 2023


50th Antique Fair – Spring 2024

Date: 18-21 April 2024

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