Antique Fair will focus on the investment potential of antiques

Antique Fair will focus on the investment potential of antiques

Family jewellery, coins made of precious metals, paintings by renowned artists, or rare, centuries-old porcelain and glass have served their owners in the turbulent times of wars and currency reforms as a means of storing their financial resources and thus transferring the values created often over generations to new times. Antiques as a safe investment is the main theme of the 48th Antique Fair, which will be held from 20 to 23 April 2023 at the New Town Hall in Prague.

„People are beginning to realise that antiques not only have aesthetic value, but that they are also a suitable means of safe investment. Even though their price may fluctuate and drop temporarily, in the medium and long term, investing in quality antiques is definitely a safe measure,“ says Jan Neumann, president of the Antiques Association. Experts particularly recommend investing in silver art objects and historical porcelain. At the fair, however, visitors will find a complete range of antique items, from jewellery and coins, antique glass and porcelain to historic textiles and antique furniture, paintings, prints and, for example, historic weapons.

Czech Antique Dealers Association organize Antique Fair twice a year – spring and autumn. Since 2010, the fair takes place at the Karlovo náměstí in Novoměstská radnice (New Town Hall).

Antique Fair Dates 2023

48th Antique Fair – Spring 2023

Date: 20.–23. 4. 2023

49th Antique Fair – Autumn 2023

Date: 23.–26. 11. 2023

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